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to those looking for songs to sing to this friday.

and a major pop warning to all a you that like to give me shit for the bubblegum.

but if you can get through this chorus without any sorta feel good head bob, then you and me got different vibes goin entirely.

and hey, not into it? promise there’s something truly special goin up this evening.



dagny – love you like that




friday feels

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pretty tough to explain actually, if i’m bein honest. week’s been a truly wild one. highs and heartbreak trading places daily. and some of em even gettin mixed up in each other.

but gotta say, from where this dude’s sitting in this very moment? kinda feeling fantastic about everything to come.

and then there’s this jam! if it aint for you not sure we’re for each other. perfection on the friday feels.

on joy:



nemir – des heures (ouska edit)




make it through the mayhem

Posted in Music with tags , on September 26, 2017 by bkramer542

and really hopin that you do. because what’s on the other side is something truly worth waiting for.

sure. if it were completely my call and possible to control these things, might opt to skip the disorder at kickoff. but goodness if it don’t make the rest of what’s out there all that much more sparkling.

so have some patience. take a breath. and try to get to the other side before givin up on this one.



big thief – shark smile


here’s to waiting for what’s right,


chasing the sun

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funny how bad it can feel sometimes when you’re just searching for it.

but then ya catch some sunshine, maybe even just for a moment, though I hope it’s longer. and all the sudden you realize the journey was all part of getting there.

mighta been the long and love filled weekend. mighta been in the lead up or maybe the surprise that came in its wake.

but something’s surely hit a switch.

and sadly for some of you that something’s got this dude in the most pop filled mood ever was. so if you’re down, listen on. but don’t say i didn’t warn ya:


so so much more to come,



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been emphasized throughout all of this – and full on rightfully so – but maybe one of the tougher ones to really achieve.

guess all you can do is keep striving, right?

but this post though, comin up chalk full of it.

so a touch more description than ushe. two songs. both of em wanting to see the light of day, but neither being perfectly what I want em to be. first one? top shelf production, and a verse that just does it. but ball gets dropped a touch when it counts. and the second? got one of the most melodically moving choruses around but not terribly epic in between.




evalyn – filthy rich (sweater beats remix)


anna of the north – money


[update] pointed out by a reader (apparently we’ve got em again), bit of balance on the tracks’ themes to boot.

keep listening,


when right feels wrong

Posted in Music with tags , , on August 29, 2017 by bkramer542

or maybe it’s the other way around. guess that’s kinda the struggle to sort out sometimes.

didn’t really expect to be putting this one out there. and not expecting all of you to feel it, or even necessarily stick with it past this point.

but when something resonates, guess it’s important to stay as true to that as you can.

so here’s where we are today:



kiasmos – blurred


back on the upside tomorrow,


finally found it

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literally nothing better than when the world starts to spin again.


the night game – the outfield


thank you for this. truly.


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