better late than none

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once you’ve said sorry as many times as this dude, it sorta loses its effect.

so fuck it.

new music:



will joseph cook – beach



saturday with somethin

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don’t wanna waste too much time on words.

just hit play and tell me you aint into it:



lewis del mar – loud(y)



back after too long

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you know I been thinkin about it.

you know I been wanting to.

not sure why I haven’t besides being wrapped up in more things than a man can handle.

the good news?

this dude’s back.

and with him comes a whole arsenal of tracks.

dropping one a day for the next long as I can.

for starters? here’s one for the evening. enjoy jai wolf:



jai wolf – indian summer


good to be home,



Posted in Music on June 3, 2015 by adamungson

Folks, yall heard it here first.  It’s not a single.  Nor a mashup.  Remix? Nope. Bangin’ house mix or Calvin Harris track?  Nah.  This summer’s anthem goes to the trio Gloriana.  Their track Are You Ready has got it all: beat, lyrics, melody, and a good country vibe.

Are You Ready (and really the whole Three Album) is best played at a BBQ.  Brunch get-together.  Waking up.  Taking a shower.  At the gym.  Really, any gathering or anytime ya want to feel good.  Only question is “Are yall ready for a good time?”

All Hail Gloriana,

Review: Seinabo Sey and JMS DVS @ U St Music Hall

Posted in Music on June 2, 2015 by adamungson

Seinabo Sey @UhallDC


James Davis @UhallDC

Quite the memorable Sunday night on U St.  Plenty of R&B, soul, dancing, and good feelings.  James Davis (JMS DVS), a sibling trio, opened with a laid back R&B vibe and just enough rock for a Sunday night set.  My fave was a JD cover of the Cranberries track Zombie.  Clearly this band knows a good melody, can harmonize and even joke around with each other on stage.  #SiblingLove!

Seinabo Sey hit the stage, even after having flu-like symptoms.  This worldly talent with Swedish and Gambian decent talked and sang about growing up and not knowing many black people.  Trying to make sense of her life in Sweden.  And her passion for music and writing. Her red dress complemented her soulful vibe and her emotional tracks.  Simply, beautiful.

Ms. Sey may only be 24, but she dished out some great love advice.  Her untitled acapella track (vid below) was written for her friend— a friend she crushed on for 3 years but didn’t tell him until way late when he rejected her.  Seinabo was a bit self-depreciating but her performance felt real. Honest.  From her heart.

Another highlight was when Lady Sey mentioned Jimmy Napes, lyrical writer of the track Clean Bandit’s Rather Be.  She nailed the cover, which you can see in the vid I recorded below.  Her rendition is a perfect example of how artists open up and how amazing music (heck, even life) can be when you’re willing to be vulnerable. #goosebumps

Sunday night reconfirmed: No electronics, synths, or modern tech can ever outdo a powerful, soulful female vocal. #Amen


Sunday night done right,




Preview: Seinabo Sey @ U St Music Hall Tomorrow Night

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No Sunday night plans? Course not, it’s Sunday night. But, tomorrow’s show at U Hall is gonna be a Sunday to remember.  Lady Sey’s got one of the best remix EPs I’ve heard in a while. Check. This. Sweed. Out.

Tix here:

Hard Times,

Purity Ring @ 930 Club Tomorrow, SOLD OUT

Posted in Music on May 28, 2015 by adamungson

Just got back from a week of vacaying in Austin, TX. Hoped to catch this spectacle but the weather didn’t cooperate. Lucky for me and rest of DC, PR is doin’ a double tomorrow night— 6PM and 10PM shows. Check craigslist for tix (I got mine today from a CR person). PR930Club

Dreamy. Catchy. Emotional. Dare I say, Intellectual. Don’t miss out on this electric twosome’s cocoon plagued set with head bangin’ synths.

Gonna be a hot one,


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