major love

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this. this is kinda it for me right now:



major lazer & dj snake feat. MØ – lean on



thursday thumps different

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not even sure where this one’s camin from.

don’t mean the artist; heems steps out strong on his solo effort post- das racist.

more just workin to understand how this one connected so hard first listen and got all up in my ear parts so quick.
hope it treats you the same:



heems – sometimes


right though?


Big Data and Prides

Posted in Music on February 25, 2015 by adamungson
Big Data

Big Data



Two recs, both super catchy. Both well produced. Both big sound. Enjoy.

That beat!

That hook!


Friday Dance Jam

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Lissie. The chick that’s been compared to Joni Mitchell. Has her own brand of tequila. Covered Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way. Shreds the guitar like no other (yup, witnessed it live). Total badass. Need more convincing? Lissie just dropped a dance track that is pure heart poundin’ head bangin’ ear candy.

Oh, and props to Morgan Page. Well done you two. More hits please. Can’t wait for inevitable remixes.


JJ Grey & Mofro with London Souls – 9:30 Club TONIGHT

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DC, we’re all familiar with our capital’s unpredictable climate. One minute snowy, another sunny, next windy and icy– leaving us clueless on how to maximize our valuable free time. So, I’ve got a suggestion: lets all take a trip down south with JJ Grey & Mofro and the London Souls. Or better yet, just head Northwest to #930Club.

This one is TSA! (Tickets Still Available, duh. I’m sure this concert is going to be T&A too). These southern inspired tunes will get ya daydreaming about all things spring. Warmer weather. Beer garden shenanigans. Your spring wardrobe. Longs walks with your significant other dog. And of course, Cherry Blossoms— or, in JJ’s case, Orange Blossoms.  The Mofro Band’s new album ‘Ol Glory drops next Tuesday.

London Souls @ 8:00 PM
JJ Grey and Mofro 9:15 PM


Don’t miss out on this soul/rock/funk/gospel/ train tonight

bout to pop off

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sorry to take it in just the most top 40, popped out, monster hit spot, but sometime there’s just no helpin yerself.

case in point?

tori kelly’s massive explosion into 2015 with this undeniable madness. and if you aint down on one knee swearing she’s the next coming of [fill in pop diva X here] come 2:26… well son, you’re soulless:



tori kelly – nobody love


that pre-chorus though,


showing love where its warranted

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new drop from FRANKIE and this dude couldn’t really be more down:



FRANKIE – problems problems





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