new year, new finds

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been too long, with too much happening to even feel bad about the lack of postage.

pretty sure this dude even lost site of music for a lil bit there.

but we’re back. at least for the moment.

and got three jams I’d hate myself if I didn’t drop on ya.

so let’s see if we can make that happen. starting meow:



childish gambino – redbone



BANKS & STEELZ @ 9:30 Club Tomorrow Night

Posted in Music on August 30, 2016 by adamungson


Don’t miss out on this rock/hip hop collab tomorrow night at 9:30 club. Interpol. Wu-Tang Clan. Groups that we might not expect to mashup but work. Poetry with an edge. Friendship built from noodles, chess, tequila and intellectual conversations. Paul and RZA released their album Anything But Words this week. First stop on tour is DC! Just as these guys bonded over noodles, collab with your friends and hit up the new ramen noodle place Haikan next door. While your at it, order some tequila.

To Friendships,

ride the week end tide

Posted in Music on August 26, 2016 by bkramer542

somethin just so laid back and beautiful on this track.

know it’s not my usual friday vibe, but sometimes the best way to roll into the weekend is just layin back and lettin the tide take ya in.



matt duncan – the keys


here’s to a solid plan b,


your thursday thump

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swear to everything. if this one don’t get your head nodding and your day movin with a little more swing, one of us is dead wrong. and it aint this dude.


if you got the head gear, hit the spotify link for maximum vibe:


otherwise, get down down here. either way, listen now and thank me later.


mark ronson ft. daniel merriweather – stop me (a chicken lips malfunction)

night time nostalgia

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this one’s just about perfect.

solid sound, vibey as all goodness. but the thing that does it the most? pure mental magic. takes a special kinda track to conjure up such a perfect picture of a time you wish you were in. wish you could go back to.

so settle down, pour yourself a little something, and on joy:



scoundrels – sexy weekend


let’s go back,


Big Gigantic & Griz

Posted in Music on August 17, 2016 by adamungson


Party people. Here it is. Two tracks, both with hip hop/electronic/jazz vibes. So much to love about these collaborations. And, Big Gigantic is releasing their new album Brighter future August 26. Get loud, go big.

Summer’s Guilty Pleasure

Posted in Music on August 12, 2016 by adamungson

Round of applause for—One Republic. These guys. The male pop rock band just released a banger with Kids. Take a listen. And another. Coincidence that this track has a similar vibe to MGMT, which also released a track Kids? Maybe. Just enjoy what these kids from Colorado put out.

Lets all behave like kids,

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