thursday comin through

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these things always have a way of coming together last minute. spose it’s probably just in this dude’s nature. sure it annoys some of you who are more of the plannin types, but guess it’s just a matter of accepting me for all my logistical flaws or not.

and the real point is? it’s the result that matters. and the result works. so isn’t that ultimately what makes all the difference?

alright so here ya go for your thursday. one to get you through to tomorrow. been an endless fan of the rac remixes, and this is another one to prove the point:



two door cinema club – next year (rac remix)


happy thursday,


Pick me up, Bring me home

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sometimes its the split second decisions we make that matter most. hard as i try, hard sometimes not to put too much thought into life. not that going about things recklessly is advisable. but when the feeling hits ya, act.

so why the waxing poetic? blame this track. or blame the way things go from bad to amazing in an instant with the right decision. or don’t blame a thing. just savor in the goodness:



ry x – only (kaskade x lipless remix)



literally listen loud now

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and if you don’t do it all the way through, go back and try again

meet imad royal. latest drop from the homies at nice life. and a sign of only pure greatness to come.



imad royal – bad 4 u


and how bout an added bonus for makin it this far:

imad royal – trouble


happy weekend,


friday flyin high

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if this track aint the soundtrack to your evening and weekend plans, might be time to rethink.



chance the rapper feat. knox fortune – all night


and if you didn’t wait for the horn drop we should really figure out what’s happenin.


later than usual

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but better than intended. and anyway, nicer now than not, ya know?

funny how the time of day completely changes the sound that should be comin through. had something fully different intended for the day, but sunsets, vibe shifts, and here it is.

hope it feels as good in the sunshine. thinkin it just may:



terror jr – sugar


should never have taken this long to get that one to ya,


double down

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top of the week, so always lookin to kick it off on an up note. you know, cuz monday. no benefit in startin the week off on a slow pace.

but these two been castin a bit of a real spell on me. and found that sometimes that’s the best voice to be listening to.

so parden the down tempo. but hopefully you’ll find a bit of beauty in the breakdown.



set mo feat. fractures – comfort you




jome – cinnamon


worth it, no?


sleepless sound

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special find at a special time.

gotta be somethin special about that.



lostboycrow – love won’t sleep



so if ya like it… why not hear a bunch more of it by subscribin.




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