got onto good

Posted in Music with tags , on April 23, 2015 by bkramer542

thursday morning always feels like that time that can make or break a week.

tons left, but not outta gas.

and got just the fuel to launch the last part of this week in epic fashion.



galantis – peanut butter jelly

Christine The Female MJ

Posted in Music on April 22, 2015 by adamungson

caqChristine (real name Héloïse Letissier) and the (kick ass, disco-esq, French pop, Parisian stylin’) Queens have been killin’ it in their home country of France (and everywhere else) for years and just performed their U.S. debut at #SXSW.

The 26 year-old talent released her EP in the U.S. about a week ago. Let’s all celebrate and hope C & the Qs drop an album soon and takeover N America.

To the dance floor!

Insert MJ Reference. High praise from Madonna, MS MR, Lorde etc..

been waitin all weekend

Posted in Music with tags , on April 20, 2015 by bkramer542

fell on this one on a trip late last week and been waiting all weekend to get it up.

first broughtchya jon bellion a year or so ago with one of his first to hit the spot. but this one really kinda takes er up a notch.

just. so. good.



jon bellion – all time low




Stayin’ Hot Mashup

Posted in Music on April 15, 2015 by adamungson


TURN it up. It’s a HOT one.

Nice weather talkin’ here. All I can think about is strolling up and down 14th st NW in DC carrying a boombox*, blasting this mashup, and stopping by each restaurant and starting a dance party with everyone chillin’ on each patio.
* In John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever style

Droppin’ hot,

sunny second day

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funny how the right jam can really set the tone for the way it all goes.

stumbled on this one on the walk in, and it just caught me in the right kinda way.

hope it does the same for you:



kygo + dillon francis feat. james hersey – coming over

if you listen to one thing this week

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ok. real talk. if I had one critique of myself on this thing it would be that I just don’t do enough hip hop.

any number of reasons there, but the fact remains. I got a real genre problem.

every now and then though, a track comes along that just will not be denied. first listen. second. three hundredth.

and this one?

well just check it and tell me I’m wrong:



towkio feat. chance the rapper, lido, and eryn allen kane – heaven only knows


seeeeriously though,



Posted in Music with tags , , , , on April 7, 2015 by bkramer542

came upon this one from a truly unexpected spot this morning. gotta be honest, given what’s been goin on the the last couple, the message of the jam is either a dead ass warning or a call for vindication to come.

either way though… a thumper’s a thumper.

on joy:



jamie n commons – karma (hardline)


and cuz it’s always nice to find someone new, how bout we have another

jamie n commons – rumble and sway


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