there’s somethin to this thursday

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but even more so. something about you.

sometimes it’s not just about making it through, but lookin to every resource you can find to push you forward and thrive.

hope this can be that for you.



hayden james – something about you


and how bout a serious remix just cuz I like ya?

hayden james – something about you (odesza remix)


here’s to the pick up,


Hip Hop Monday

Posted in Music on April 25, 2016 by adamungson

Heard this jewel while watching the season premiere of Silicon Valley last night— right at the end. Make this your new theme song. #djshadow #RunTheJewels


hip hop,

pick me up – take 1

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get in the car and go.

gonna keep it shot n sweet.

but doin a bit of a dump to get all these jams out to the world.

on joy:




nvdes – the other side


drive time,


R&B, Rock, & Ballad

Posted in Music on April 2, 2016 by adamungson

Hope your feelin’ at least one of these tracks.

Cherry blossoms,

friday feels

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guess we’re settlin into a bit of an every friday post skej. better than nothing, I spose.

hopefully this one’s a bit more where you’re at vibanomically. cuz for me and this last day of the week? song couldn’t be more in my lane.



g-eazy – me, myself & i (viceroy remix)



down tempo week ender

Posted in Music with tags , on March 25, 2016 by bkramer542

hate to do this to ya on a friday.

but sometimes something’s just too good not to get up on, regardless of a solid vibe match.

so why not take a moment out of your sunny tgif feels and just check something truly beautiful:



kevin garrett – control


massive appreciation to M3 for that and so many other incredible recs.



Miguel – Waves (remixes)

Posted in Music on March 7, 2016 by adamungson

Soo good. Soo groovy. Soo Cali. I can’t get enough of this Miguel/Tame Imapala collab— those R&B vocals and psych rocks sound are screamin’ #MondayVibes. Let’s all lobby for an entire Miguel/Tame Impala album!

And, the Kacey Musgrave remix? Just feel like blasting this is a long roadtrip down the CA coast! Close your eyes, this remix takes ya there.

Want more Miguel? We’ve covered him in previous posts.

Another week, Ride that wave,


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