saturday obsession

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seriously. this may just be it for me.

been goin back on forth on which one gets me best, but I know one thing: whether it’s the frankie track we hit you with previously or this new one we got going… the obsession is real.



frankie new obsession

Big Data – Tonight @ Black Cat. Doors 8:30

Posted in Music on March 27, 2015 by adamungson

Big Data 1.0: extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions.

Big Data 2.0: The ultra cool, electro pop band that just released their full length debut 2.0  about technology, government, and privacy. (Check out their cool interactive takeover here:

BD is headlining a sold out show at 14th’s St Black Cat tonight.  If you’re a fan of pop-electronics-synths-dancing-robots-tech-vocals-the future-social media-and generally awesome tracks, then tonight is your jam. Hands down 2.0 is in my top 3 for album of the year.

The sold out show features openers Chappo and On & On. If you lucked out on tickets to the show, check out BD’s tour schedule:


Big Things, Big Friday— GET DANGEROUS


KATE BOY Takeover

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The Scandinavian countries have been takin’ over electro-pop for a while now. Robyn, MØ, NONONO Little Dragon, Lykke Li. List goes on. Best out right now goes to Kate Boy and her catchy hit Higher. Think HAIM if the talented ladies threw in some synths. KB recently performed one show at #SXSW.

Good job Monday,

madly in love

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plain and simple. this song is everything to me right now.

hope you feel some of the same.

first caught phoebe on her kellz/miguel mashup cover. but this. this is something entirely too amazing.



phoebe ryan – dead






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This. This is truly some burning hot fiery magic. If you don’t hold out for the 0:47 drop, then we got bigger problems to talk about.



bomba estereo – fiesta




Mashup and Remix Monday

Posted in Music on March 9, 2015 by adamungson

Yup, folks, breaking news: its only Monday. Coffee + these tracks are helping me fight the typical #mondayblues.

Got two dance tracks that’ll get your toes tappin’, head swayin’, and fists pumpin’. One throwback mashup another more recent remix. I #reallyreallyreallyreallyreally like ‘em.


Fire till Friday

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Not much more worth saying except that I couldn’t be more into this jam if I tried.



swiss lips – BOOKS


cuz, I mean, right?


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