night time nostalgia

Posted in Music with tags , on August 24, 2016 by bkramer542

this one’s just about perfect.

solid sound, vibey as all goodness. but the thing that does it the most? pure mental magic. takes a special kinda track to conjure up such a perfect picture of a time you wish you were in. wish you could go back to.

so settle down, pour yourself a little something, and on joy:



scoundrels – sexy weekend


let’s go back,


Big Gigantic & Griz

Posted in Music on August 17, 2016 by adamungson


Party people. Here it is. Two tracks, both with hip hop/electronic/jazz vibes. So much to love about these collaborations. And, Big Gigantic is releasing their new album Brighter future August 26. Get loud, go big.

Summer’s Guilty Pleasure

Posted in Music on August 12, 2016 by adamungson

Round of applause for—One Republic. These guys. The male pop rock band just released a banger with Kids. Take a listen. And another. Coincidence that this track has a similar vibe to MGMT, which also released a track Kids? Maybe. Just enjoy what these kids from Colorado put out.

Lets all behave like kids,

vibed out right

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maybe its the times going so right recently, maybe its the cali sunshine finally settling in. either way, this track is feeling just about perfect in all the ways this dude needs.

takes a moment to truly launch, so make it to 1:30 an never look back. on joy:



ayokay feat. quinn xcii – kings of summer


label’s goin for a single on this one that they just dropped as well but frankly more in love with the original track.


welcome to the season,


summer sun shining

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and feeling like its off to better things. in my day, in life, and in so many more ways than that.

so looks like the sun’s finally shining just the way it should, and that’s somethin to be celebrated. must be summer time.

and to go with it? bringin you a pretty bright hot jam, suitin of the season. on joy:



sjowgren – seventeen



holding patterns

Posted in Music with tags , on July 19, 2016 by bkramer542

might be the first time the post went to paper before the song hit the earbuds. in a week of firsts, think that’s probably just indicative of where this one’s mind is at though.

funny thing about waiting. turns out it feels basically the same whether waiting for the sun to come out or the other shoe to drop. and we’re in the midst of a week of the most serious on either side of the spectrum.

but wait long enough and what you’re looking for will come through. long as it’s the right thing you’re waitin on. least that’s how it’s worked out so far:

Luna Shadows


luna shadows – waves


sorry for the bummer in the summer,


Summer Takeover

Posted in Music on July 18, 2016 by adamungson

Lets the grooves of Bit Funk help you find summer vibes. Pool Party. BBQ. *Insert outdoor sport/activity. These tracks will make ya wanna skip work and grab a cold one with your friends. Life’s short. As the track suggests, we’re all here to find our own “destination sunrise.”

Hot summer days,


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