monday feels

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tell me I’m wrong.

unnamed (1)


powers – hot



double down

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love the song, hate the pre-chorus. isn’t that what they say?



bob moses – tearing me up




Posted in Music with tags , on October 5, 2015 by bkramer542

love this one big. the voice? a bit off putting at first. but the vibe once the groove hits? undeniable.



rationale – fuel to the fire



better late than none

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once you’ve said sorry as many times as this dude, it sorta loses its effect.

so fuck it.

new music:



will joseph cook – beach



saturday with somethin

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don’t wanna waste too much time on words.

just hit play and tell me you aint into it:



lewis del mar – loud(y)



back after too long

Posted in Music with tags , on July 9, 2015 by bkramer542

you know I been thinkin about it.

you know I been wanting to.

not sure why I haven’t besides being wrapped up in more things than a man can handle.

the good news?

this dude’s back.

and with him comes a whole arsenal of tracks.

dropping one a day for the next long as I can.

for starters? here’s one for the evening. enjoy jai wolf:



jai wolf – indian summer


good to be home,



Posted in Music on June 3, 2015 by adamungson

Folks, yall heard it here first.  It’s not a single.  Nor a mashup.  Remix? Nope. Bangin’ house mix or Calvin Harris track?  Nah.  This summer’s anthem goes to the trio Gloriana.  Their track Are You Ready has got it all: beat, lyrics, melody, and a good country vibe.

Are You Ready (and really the whole Three Album) is best played at a BBQ.  Brunch get-together.  Waking up.  Taking a shower.  At the gym.  Really, any gathering or anytime ya want to feel good.  Only question is “Are yall ready for a good time?”

All Hail Gloriana,


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