beyond inspired

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two words is all I gots ta say about this track.

absolute magic:



labrinth – let it be


I mean. Seriously,


week ender

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know we been on a touch of a pop kick the last few, but this one’s just makin my friday right.

so get down or get out.

oh. wait! stop and get some bass in your face before you do this to yourself:



flo rida feat. sage the gemini – gdfr


happy fri,


this. this is it. thursday.

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not lookin to over hype things.

certainly don’t wanna build something up so high that it can’t begin to measure.

and goodness knows, this dude has always been a big AG advocate.

but this new single? something totally unexpectedly great.




ariana grande ft. the weeknd – love me harder


kj find,


mixed message midweek

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don’t know why the down keep comin when the up seems more the vibe.

but can’t argue with what’s workin.

so low we go.

meet mikky ekko.

and smile:



mikky ekko – smile




two down temp tues

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so here’s how it happened.

stumbled upon the one and thought to myself… naw. too slow for a tuesday.

cuz you know I like to keep it flying high if and whenever possible.

but then I hit on this second low one. fell in love again. and knew I just needed to give into the vibe comin my way.

so here goes:



kaleo – all the pretty girls



mike dignam – hurt




somethin bout this week starter

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don’t expect most to be as down as this dude.

but the track’s got something so compelling about it.

and the sonics are just spot on. specially if you got the right phones goin.

so give it a try. and if you’re really adventurous? on joy:



stars – from the night

Busted Because of Alex Clare

Posted in Music on August 14, 2014 by adamungson

Got an embarrassing story for y’all. Well, somewhat embarrassing. I’m sure you can relate at some level.

    ac3    a4

The Story
Found myself with some serious busy work at the office today. Ya know, the kind of bussssy work that requires little brain power. It happens. Not pouting here. But, thank god for Spotify. I came across Alex Clare’s new album Three Hearts, put on my bumpin’ headphones, and took a listen. After listening to Addicted to Love four times, I didn’t realized it but I had turned up the volume a little louder each time. Fourth time listening to it on repeat, I forgot to multitask and do my work. Fail. Then, I started singing along. Full shoulder movement. Head swaying back and forth. Toes tapping to the beat. Out. Of. Control. Closed my eyes. Was I at the office, my spin class, or just a 9:30 club?

Of course the boss walks in the room at this point. But he ain’t mad. Phew. Just laughs, smiles, and tells me to turn it down. And, a co-worker took video evidence for future blackmail. I was that spaced out. I ain’t ashamed though. Alex Clare, if you’re reading this: you got me #BustedAtWorkForListeningToAlexClare

Even better. It was a beautiful day in our great nation’s capital. I took my lunch break to listen to his entire album while eating in front of the White House. Naw, Alex ain’t American, but I got that feeling. Ya know, when you internalize the music (Jesse Nolan of the band Caught a Ghost knows what I’m talkin’ about). Like I wanted to dance up and down Penn Ave to his grooves mid-day for no reason at all. I then came back to the office and acted like nothing had happened. #truestory

And you bet that after posting this, I’ll be blasting his album. So if any of ya want to rush over here and help me clean my condo and join the Alex Clare party, let this dude know.

Lesson Learned/Disclaimer:
Nope, not really. Probably just need to work on multi-tasking skills. But, as long as great music is released and I’m at my desk, shit like this is bound to happen. It’s human nature. Oh, and this got me too.

Other incidents like this include:

I know I hyped up this track to the nth degree. It may not be the best song out there right now. But hey, it got me today. Hope it gets ya.




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