REVIEW: Lights. Camera. Action. OK GO.

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okgo1*photo by Andrew Markowitz 


OK GO @ 9:30 Club, 9/16

The OK GO Experience
Unfortunately, my words and pics won’t do OK GO justice, and a super long video might give too much away. So, just believe me when I say, ya need to see these guys perform. The set lasted a good 90 minutes, and the foursome played all 4 songs from their new EP Upside Out and many oldies. I left 9:30 thinkin’ I didn’t just go to another concert. That was special. That was a celebration. That, right there, was an experience.

White Screen. Cool Camera Angles. A video. Confetti. Cool projections. Music. More confetti. Dancing. Q and A session. An intimate performance. Banter and more jokes. Music. And of course, confettiiiiiii. Everything timed to perfection.

Needless to say, the band kept the crowd on their toes; eyeballs wide with stunning visuals; ears open to the rockin’ guitar solos. One of the coolest parts of the set? Their opening, which literally screamed OK GO. The band spliced together pop culture clips (movies/shows/etc) of celebrities and characters saying the words “OK” and “GO.” And ya know a show is legit when Kermit the Frog, in a stylish tux, ends the video by opening stage curtains and saying ” And now, ladies and gentelman, OK GO!”

Q and A:
Audience: What’s your confetti budget?
OK GO: 4 billion dollars.

One thing’s for sure. These dudes go all out.

Tuesday night, you were oh-so…

okgo3*photo by Andrew Markowitz 

fresh prince

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get it?

just tell me the drop at 0:20 doesn’t hit you right in the funky bone.



prince – funknroll



flash junked monday

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newest offering from milky chance absolutely does not disappoint.

here’s to a big week:



milky chance – flash junked mind



OK GO @ 9:30 Club Tonight (Sold Out)

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You’re familiar with their upbeat rock sound. May have heard a tune on the radio and turned it up.  Ya might not even know their names. But, one thing’s for sure: we all talk about and love OK GO’s music videos. So, for all you lucky ones who scored a ticket, hold on to it tight. Rush to 9:30 club early. Be a saint and reserve a front row spot for your friends. They’ll thank you with beer because these artists are gonna blow it away tonight. Oh, and you’ll want to learn the band’s lyrics before hitting the venue.

The foursome is supporting their upcoming album, Hungry Ghosts, which comes out this Fall. If you’re desperate, check out Craigslist for the latest on tickets. This is gonna be one helluva Tuesday night party.

OK Go performing on Jimmy Kimmel in July 

Tuesday Funday,

hyped and happening

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wasn’t the one I planned to go with today.

but took a listen through the list of tracks up for contention and ended up landing here.

so guess the lesson is that things don’t always go the way you think they’re gonna? and hey, best part is I got another good one for ya comin up after too.

good one for rolling through a sunny day on though. that much is for sure:



arty feat. angel taylor – up all night (slander remix)


Get out there,


light it up

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I am, quite simply, in love with this song right now.

and the vid? 

well you know I’m a sucker for the single takers.



lights – up we go



DC Update: 30+ Concerts. 5+ Venues. 90+ days.

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The Update
It. Is. On. Countdown has commenced. Only a few more hours till this thing hits the ground running. DC’s premiere 2014 festival is almost here, and I be feelin’ like this guy.

To my east coastin’ music lovin’ good lookin’ fast talkin’ professionals: After grabbin’ a miday snack and checking your fantasy football predraft rankings, take my advice: clear your social calendar from September to December. Go all in. Solo or with friend(s). It don’t matter. Just commit yourself to DC Fall Music Fest 2014.

Never heard of this fest before? Yeah, it’s that underground, super hipster. Okay okay, I made it up, but no name or even hashtag can really uphold the solid talent hittin’ DC’s streets over the next 3 months. And for the rest of you music lovers, lookout for the occasional preview and review. I’m sure some of the bands will eventually be playing a gig near you. As always, let 2dudes know what ya think of the show or know of any cool upcoming ones in the area.

Summarizing: Do yourself a solid and check out all the cool shows comin’ up. I already got a ticket to most of ‘em, so I hope to see ya out there livin’ the dream.

The Lineup
Google Doc: 
*I’ll update the doc periodically

The Venues








The Playlist




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