Preview- Spottiswoode & His Enemies @ The Hamilton

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Got a good one for ya guys. After posting your weekly #tbt, don’t forget to head to The Hamilton (near Metro Center) and check out a band that’s been doin’ it since ’98. Hailing from the Big Apple, the septet rock band S&HE is showcasing their talent tonight along with Django Haskins of the Old Ceremony and Laura Tsaggaris. The veteran musicians incorporate mostly rock and jazz elements with solid vocals for a unique sound. Check out English Dream, their sixth studio album which dropped last week.


To summarize: 3 solid acts. $20 tix. Bring friends. Take a date. Enjoy.
Get at it!

where the wild life is

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always a nice thing to  start the week on an up note.

and aint no better way to take it there than this.

new one from vacationer. brought you a bit bout these guys back in 2k12, but this new single is really a cut above.

on joy:



vacationer – the wild life



little bitta funkiness fo ya frifri

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don’t know why it took me this long to throw this one up.

but it just grows and gorws on me.

hope the same goes for you:



zhu – paradise awaits.


and on through the wknd,


another chance to write about

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i. heart. this. track.

not much more to say on that.



chance the rapper – the writer



good as gold

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know I been bringing a bit of chet faker your way.

hope you think it’s worth it.

but do or don’t, this jam is pretty undeniable.

start. your. week.

Rolling Stone Awards 2013


chet faker – gold




stop. listen.

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this one? something that don’t come along too often.

so just take one moment. put your earbuds in. and listen.

band’s called monogem. city of angels-basssssed lady with a thing happening like you got no idea.

don’t belive? should.

t, check the date:



monogem – wait and see




Preview- Trust @ Black Cat, Sunday Night

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If you’re an electronic music fan, you probably already heard. Trust, a Canadian band led by Robert Alfons and  Maya Postepski, doesn’t incorporate a synthpop sound y’all may be familiar with today. The trio incorporates dark undertones that are at times upbeat and a bit eerie. While their songs and vocals may want you chill one moment and dance the next, one thing is consistent— their staple electronic sound.
Tickets are SOLD OUT so best of luck asking around or exploring sites like Craigslist.
@ the black cat
Sunday 4/13
trust – joyland
‘Til tomorrow,

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